Who and What is Klassy Kitsch? | About us

Klassy Kitsch is label designed and created by Walthamstow artist Sba Shaikh. The label consists of a range of bespoke unisex scarves that Sba has created and produced in her home studio.

All the scarves are made from 100% cotton and are suitable for anyone with allergies to synthetic fibres.

Produced using (only) rich coloured fabrics which can then be embellished using embroidery, print or/are hand painted these scarves are full of colour and light.

The initial inspiration behind the label is her photography, but the main concept behind Klassy Kitsch is that the owner forms their own connection with the scarf and their own story.


Sba works directly with artisans in India to produce ethically sourced and produced scarves. Incorporated periodically through the label are limited edition products which have been sourced mainly through her travels.